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Half Birthday Ideas for Adults

Having a birthday in late autumn myself I totally understand why anyone would be thinking about half birthday ideas for adults – as a kid summer birthdays seem so much for fun and strangely that doesn’t change as you get older. Even if you’re a summer baby having a half birthday is a fun idea and as far as I’m concerned if the Queen thinks two birthdays are a good idea then why shouldn’t everyone else? I’ve got a separate post of half birthday ideas for kids but of course you could use loads of these for children to celebrate too.

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Half Birthday Ideas for Adults

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Pop half a candle onto half a birthday cake or have a whole birthday cake with two sides decorated differently.


Order a pizza with different toppings on each half

Celebrate the day by going somewhere you wouldn’t normally go to on your normal birthday, so if you’re celebrating your half birthday in the winter go for an ice skating lesson or if you’re celebrating in the summer go to the beach or a splash park (not going to lie, I’m seriously contemplating going to Disneyland for my half birthday as I don’t want to go in the winter and I want an excuse to celebrate while I’m there!)

Stick these 1/2 birthday cake toppers onto cakes, ice cream and anything else you can think of because they are awesome.

half birthday ideas adults and kids

Sing ‘Halfie Birthday’ (birthday songs are totally not just limited to kids)

Eat half and half cookies

Wear a ‘happy half birthday to me’ t shirt

Inflate balloons and write 1/2 on them with sharpies

Decorate half of a room

Take photos on your day out with this cute 1/2 birthday photo prop

Serve up half burgers and half hot dogs

Whatever you plan on doing on your half birthday make it as fun, silly and enjoyable as you possibly can. Half birthdays are for people who want to enjoy as many days as they possibly can so make sure you have a great time!

Half Birthday Ideas

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