This week has seemed a bit manic with one thing and the other, the youngest is still not napping *weeps* the eldest seems to have a million appointments about starting school and the housework fairy has failed to turn up. Again. Some relief this week has come though in the form of hunting out these gorgeous mini planters for you. I think there’s nothing like a bit of nature in your home and garden to perk-up your mood and these beauties certainly all do the job.

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A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to review some craft supplies for Viking, after oohh-ing and ahhh-ing over their site for a bit I decided that I’d like to have a play with their felt. Felt is one of my favourite craft supplies as it’s so easy to use and is so forgiving if you’re not the greatest at sewing! I love making felt finger puppets and as the colours were so bright and cheery I thought it would be fun to try and make some Minion finger puppets and I’m really pleased with how it worked out!

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A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Direct Blinds to renovate a piece of furniture and as you can imagine I didn’t need asking twice! I love changing things to make them look prettier and with the discovery of a stained Ikea chest of drawers I figured this would not only be a great opportunity to try my first Ikea hack but also to indulge my love of the spray paints and try to create an ombre chest of drawers.

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I had an idea this morning that I’d like to make some ombre feathers. No reason why. I couldn’t even work out what I would do with them to be honest, but they were one of those things that you try out in a rush and then think damn! I’m going to put these babies on EVERYTHING!!

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Hurray it’s Tuesday which means it’s Tuesday Tutorials time and this week I’m sharing some rather glorious thrifty garden party ideas, because if you’re spending on food and drink you want to be saving on the decorations, right? And it’s a great opportunity to do something a bit creative, win!

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