A funny thing about writing a craft blog is that everyone expects you to do a lot of crafts. It seems like a fair presumption really, after all it was one of the main reasons I started this blog. I had this idea that writing about crafts would increase my craftiness, suddenly my quilting would improve, I’d be able to crochet and I’d be making the most amazing jewellery. Over the years my photography has improved, I’m certainly making cuter stuff but quilting and the other stuff? Nope. Actually I’m so busy with this I probably have less time than ever for my own crafting.

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Felt is one of my absolute most favourite things to craft with as it’s so easy to use so I’m really pleased to be sharing some crafts with felt with you today. I’m sharing a mixture of both crafts with felt to make for kids and a couple that I think are nice just to make for yourself, although if I’m honest even with things like the garland I’m sharing below I often start by thinking that I’m making it for myself but the kids soon commandeer it! These would all also make great crafts with felt for teens or tweens too.

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A few years back I used to do silversmithing and I must admit that I do miss it a bit. Not that I was great at it, but it was a really good excuse to just do something for myself and I love being able to look at something and think ‘I made this.’ With two kids getting out a blow torch just got a bit too tricky so jewellery making became something that was consigned to my past, I’m super excited therefore to be working with Jewellery Maker today to share about their new craft kits including this DIY charm bracelet which are a great way to fit some creative time and jewellery making into your life. What’s more, read on and I’ve got a great offer for you from Jewellery Maker too!

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One of my resolutions for this year was to start and do a bit more crafting for myself again. Obviously I share loads of craft ideas on here but ironically this has lead to me doing far less crafting for myself these days which is a bit of a shame. When Sarah from Evermore contacted me to ask if I’d like to try out their DIY scented candle making kits I jumped at the chance as I knew that this would force me to put a bit of ‘me-time’ aside and of course it helped that the candles themselves looked fabulous.

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