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Scrunched Paper Snowman Craft

We seem to be sharing a lot of of scrunched paper crafts at the moment but they’re so good to do with kids and I don’t think I’m the only parent who likes to get proper value out of the craft materials they buy? No shame in that, kids are expensive! This scrunched paper snowman craft is perfect for Christmas or winter and is a lovely sensory activity that’s good for fine motor skills too.

easy scrunched paper snowman craft

Scrunched Paper Snowman Craft

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This would be great if you’re looking for crafts for toddlers as the tissue will only stick where the glue is but it’s good for older kids too who would be able to do more of the activity themselves – for example cutting out the scarf while younger kids would need assistance (but would be fine with sticking it on). I think it would be good to adapt and pop on the front of a card too, either for Christmas or as a thank you card.


Like this activity? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it. Keep reading to find out more about how it’s made as well as some ideas for snow books to share with your kids plus more simple winter crafts to make together.

scrunched paper snowman craft for kids easy #kidscrafts #wintercrafts


To make this craft start by making two circles of PVA glue onto some blue cardstock. PVA glue will hold the tissue paper a lot better than a glue stick and I find that card is a lot better than paper for crafts like this as it can cope with the weight and glue a bit better.

easy snowman craft for kids

Fill in the two circles with glue (you could use a glue spreader for this) and then start tearing and scrunching some tissue paper into balls. Tearing and scrunching the paper is good for fine motor skills plus it’s a lot more of a sensory activity than normal, you can discuss the noise it’s making and how the tissue paper feels as you roll it into balls.

Glue the tissue paper all over the snowmans body and then cut out some black card to make a hat and eyes, some coloured card for a scarf and of course some orange card for a carrot nose. You could add some arms too if you liked. Use some more glue to stick them on and your scrunched paper snowman is done!

Snow Books for Kids

When it’s cold outside I’m happy to take the excuse to snuggle up indoors and share some books with my kids. Which of these snow themed books would you add to your collection?

More Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

This cute paper plate snowman twirler is a fun way to practice scissor skills.

paper plate snowman 300

While these paper plate snowflakes are great for younger kids to decorate.paper plate snowflakes 300

Want more inspiration? This round up of winter crafts for toddlers has enough ideas to keep kids busy for ages!winter crafts for toddlers square image 300

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