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Easy Snowy Owl Craft

I love this cute little snowy owl craft and my kids did too – my daughter had to make one as soon as she saw it! Snowy owls are great for winter or arctic animal crafts, plus this craft is great for fine motor skills too making it an all round winner.

easy snowy owl craft for kids

Snowy Owl Craft

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Want to see how I made this craft? You can check out the quick video below or you’ll find the written instructions straight underneath if you’d prefer that. As well as today’s craft I’ll be sharing some ideas for owl books to share with your kids plus more easy winter crafts for kids. Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it.

To make this fun snowy owl craft take a piece of blue cardstock and draw a big circle on it in PVA glue. I find that card hold the moisture from the glue a lot better than normal paper plus it’s better with the weight of the craft itself too. Fill in the circle with more glue, you could use a glue spreader for this. ‘Colouring in’ a circle with glue means that your owl is more likely to stay in the correct shape but don’t worry if some glue goes elsewhere on the page – this could always be some extra snowflakes!

snowy owl craft for kids preschool

Next take some white tissue paper and roll or scrunch it into small balls and then place this all over your glued area. For the owl’s big eyes I’ve used the lids off milk bottles and then glued in some googly eyes too. Cut a beak from yellow card and stick that onto your owl along with some wings made from white card. If you’d like you could make some snow in the background of your picture by adding some snowflake stickers or dipping a cotton bud in white paint and printing it with that.

Owl Books for Kids

We love sharing stories together and when it’s cold weather like it is right now I think there’s nothing nicer than to snuggle up and read together, preferably with a hot chocolate too! These owl books would be great to enjoy together after making your snowy owl craft.

More Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

This paper plate snowman twirler is great for practising scissor skills too.

paper plate snowman 300

This polar bear craft is perfect for little hands to make.

polar bear craft for kids 300

Make some easy paper plate snowflakes.

paper plate snowflakes 300

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