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Paper Plate Snowman Twirler

We love paper plate crafts as they’re so cheap and easy to make and this paper plate snowman twirler is perfect for winter and Christmas crafts! This craft is a great way for kids to practice their scissor skills and they make great Christmas decorations too as you can hang them up and watch them spin.

paper plate snowman twirler craft for kids

Paper Plate Snowman Twirler

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Want to see how I made this craft? You can check out the little video below or if you prefer you’ll find the written instructions straight underneath along with some great recommendations for winter themed books to share with your kids and some more ideas for winter themed crafts. Like this craft? Make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image so you don’t forget about it!

To make this snowman craft start by cutting a spiral shape into your paper plate from the edge towards the middle ensuring that you leave a big gap in the middle for your snowman’s head. Make a hole in the middle by pushing some scissors through into some playdough and then tie through a piece of yarn with a knot on the end so that you’ll be able to hang this up later.

Next cut your snowman’s head out of white cardstock and then a hat out of black cardstock, sticking the hat on. Draw on the eyes, mouth and nose and then carefully stick the snowmans head onto the centre part of your paper plate twirler. Finally cut some stick arms out from brown cardstock and glue these on too. You could also add a scarf or buttons for your snowman if you wanted.

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Winter Themed Books for Kids:

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing nicer than staying in and snuggling up to share a story. Why not check out these books perfect for winter weather.

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paper plate snowman twirler square image

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  1. 27th November 2018 / 12:55 am

    This is such a fun idea for children! I think I will do this with my little cousin!

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