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Paper Plate Snowflakes

We love winter crafts but paper snowflakes can be a bit tricky with younger kids. We are huge fans of paper plate crafts so I figured paper plate snowflakes would be the perfect way to get a pretty round snowflake craft that would also be durable enough for the kids to decorate, making them brilliant crafts for toddlers too. This easy craft for kids is simple to adapt for different ages and I rather enjoyed helping out with it too!

paper plate snowflake craft for kids

Paper Plate Snowflakes

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Making paper plate snowflakes are a great, cheap craft for kids and a good way to work your way through any bits that are clogging up your craft box (we always seem to have a zillion pom poms?) If you like this craft make sure you don’t forget about it by bookmarking this page or pinning an image or keep reading for more winter craft ideas as well as some great winter books to share with your kids!

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You will need:

Paper Plates




Decorating materials – we used glitter glue, foam shapes, pom poms, loose glitter and buttons

How to make your paper plate snowflakes:

Exactly as you would with traditional paper snowflakes, fold your paper plate in half, then in half again and in half one more time so that there are eight bits of the paper plate on top of each other. Cut shapes into your paper plate so create a snowflake, making sure that there is always one part of each side left or it will fall apart.

Paper plates are harder to cut than normal paper, it’s great for strengthening muscles in the fingers and hands but younger kids will probably need a hand.

making paper plate snowflakes

Once you have cut out your paper plate snowflakes they are ready to decorate, we found these much better than normal snowflake crafts because they can hold a lot more paint making them much more fun for the kids to decorate!

If you want to make sure your snowflakes look wintery then only put out winter coloured paints and bits for sticking. Grabs the blues and purples!

We loved making loads of these to decorate with, they’d make a great activity for a group of kids too as you could use them to decorate the room.

More Winter Crafts for Kids

We love this cute paper plate snowman twirler!

paper plate snowman 300

This pom pom painted polar bear craft is great for younger kids to make.

polar bear craft 300

In the mood for lots of crafting? You’ll find tons of inspiration for simple winter crafts here.

winter crafts for toddlers square image 300

snowflake craft for kids

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