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A Cute and Cheap Butterfly Craft for Preschoolers

This is the second post I’ve written recently that uses packaging that I’ve had wine delivered in but hey! Crafting can be expensive if you buy loads of things in the shops, it really doesn’t need to be that way though. This preschool butterfly craft is perfect for little ones and allows them to create something really pretty themselves without too much adult intervention – as a mum I love to see what my child has made in preschool but I can normally tell straight away if someone else has done something for her! I really love to see crafts for toddlers that they have led on themselves. That said I also love to be able to put her art up on the wall…but I still want it to look nice! This cute craft ticks both boxes and if you’re doing this with older kids (my daughter is two) then I’ll be sharing a few ideas on how you can change this up to suit them too.

preschool butterfly craft

You will need:

Corrugated cardboard





Our butterflies…

My daughter adores butterflies and this was a really simple craft to be able to set up for her. I cut out the butterfly shapes and she chose the paints she wanted to use – a good excuse to practice colour recognition too. Using corrugated cardboard gives this craft a fun texture and gives children the chance to explore painting on a material they might not have used before.

butterfly craft for preschoolersFor slightly older kids you could ask them to help with the cutting, the butterfly shapes themselves might be a bit tricky but I think that my daughter probably would have managed cutting the main body of them – I would have asked her but she was a bit too excited and wanted to get on with the painting! You could also use this as an excuse to look at symmetry, taking the classic folded paper with paint butterfly craft and trying it out with a new material.

I think a big group of these would look great up on a wall!

cheap butterfly craft for preschool

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