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The Cutest Sun Craft for Preschoolers

This sun craft for preschoolers is just so sweet it’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face! I love sharing crafts for toddlers so I originally planned as an activity for my two year old but as soon as my five year old son saw the cute paper plate sun he wanted to join in too. While for very young kids this is quite a simple activity that allows some learning with colours, there are loads of ways that this can be expanded upon for older kids as I’ll explain below.

sun craft for preschoolers

You will need:

Paper plates

Yellow paint and paintbrushes


Black pen

Clothes pegs

About our sun craft:

The paper plates were painted yellow and had a face drawn on them in advance – if you don’t do this then it’s likely to get rather messy! Using the clothes pegs helps to create strength in your childs fingers and this is important for helping them use a pencil. My daughter took a few attempts to learn how to use the pegs but was really pleased with herself once she’d cracked it. At five years old the clothes pegs themselves were simple for my son so we looked instead at creating a simple pattern – yellow, orange, yellow, orange.

sun craft projects

How to add some more educational bits to this craft:

If you are making this sun craft for older kids then there are a few simple ways to make it more educational for them:

  • Write all 26 capital letters around the paper plate and then write different lowercase letters on each clothes peg and ask you child to match them up.
  • Write the names of different colours around the sun and use those colour clothes pegs to match up
  • Use the paper plate sun to teach number recognition or maths. You could draw a number of dots on the paper plate and then write the number itself (eg 3) on the peg to match or for older kids you could do simple maths such as writing 2+2 on the peg to be matched with 4 written on the paper plate

paper plate sun craft

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  1. 29th June 2016 / 6:34 pm

    I LOVE this idea. Such fun and perfect for fine motor skills too.

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