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Paper Plate Santa Twirler

We love making paper plate crafts, in fact I’m more than happy to admit that this paper plate Santa twirler was my daughters idea! A couple of weeks ago she saw the snowman paper plate twirler I shared, made one herself and then decided to make a Santa version as she thought that would be even better. Now I love the snowman version but Santa? Well everyone loves Santa, right?! This is a really cute and simple Christmas decoration for kids to make and would be a great way to practice scissor skills too.

paper plate santa craft

Paper Plate Snowman Twirler

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I love sharing Christmas crafts for kids so if you’d like to see some more keep reading to the end of the post to find some more of our favourites as well as some recommendations of Christmas books to share with your kids. Want to make sure you don’t forget this cute craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later so you have this to hand when you need it.


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To make this craft start by painting a paper plate red. Not got the time to wait for it to dry? You can buy red paper plates here on Amazon. Next cut a spiral shape into your paper plate starting at the edge and moving towards the middle, leave a gap in the middle big enough to add Santa’s head in later.

Next make a whole in the centre of your paper plate, to do this safely I push some scissors through the plate into a lump of blue-tac or playdough. Thread a piece or ribbon or yarn with a knot on one end through the whole so that you will be able to hang your Santa up.

Now we need to make Santa’s head. From a piece of skin coloured card cut out a circle shape. As an aside I’ve really struggled finding paint or card of any skin colour for sale (and I’d love to make crafts which represent all ethnicities) so if you know of anywhere that I could purchase these I’d really appreciate a comment below!

From red card cut out a hat shape and from white card cut out the furry parts of Santa’s hat and stick these on. Next using a pen draw eyes and cheeks onto Santa’s face. I’ve used Posca pens because the colour of paint or chalk pens often show better on coloured card but normally I love crayola pens as they wash so well off my kids! Cut a white beard out of card and stick that onto Santa’s face adding a little smile too.

To stick Santa’s face onto your paper plate you can use a normal gluestick but I’ve found that either double sided sellotape or glue dots can work better as the ribbon behind can push the head forward a little.

Finally cut some gloves for Santa out of black cardstock and stick these on too. You could also add a belt and some boots if you wanted and maybe even a sack for some presents!

Christmas Books For Kids

We love Christmas books, my daughter has been reading The Jolly Christmas Postman on repeat since August and I love the excuse to settle down with my kids of an evening and read a story together before bed. Over the years we’ve built up a bit of a collection but I normally add a couple more to it each year. Which of these would you like to share with your kids or I’d love to hear any recommendations!

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

I couldn’t finish this post without liking to our paper plate snowman twirler, they’d look great up together!

paper plate snowman 300

This paper bag reindeer makes a great diy puppet too

paper bag reindeer puppet craft 300

My kids love colouring in and it’s a great quiet time activity too, this gingerbread house colouring page is perfect for Christmas

gingerbread house colouring page 300


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