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10 Fun Kids Ideas for Christmas

I’m really happy to be able to share this guest post today with you from Maggy from Red Ted Art as she shares some fun kids ideas for Christmas. Maggy has hundreds of awesome ideas on her site so many of you may know her work already and for those of you who don’t you can expect to find loads of inspiration for fun kids crafts. Want to make sure you don’t forget any of these? Be sure to bookmark this page or pin an image so you have it all to hand as we get closer to Christmas.

fun christmas crafts for kids

Do your kids look forward to Christmas as much as my do? Well, Christmas talk around here starts around the time leaves began to fall! Kind of early but that’s how much my kids are looking forward to Christmas holidays! We start gathering our supplies and making our plans!! We rather LOVE crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls – cheap, versatile and great for the environment. Nothing quite beats a Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts. Another reason they love Christmas so much is because they love creating homemade Christmas presents and gift them to their favourite people, either family members or school friends! Here is a selection of our favourite Kids Crafts for Christmas!

Fun Christmas crafts for kids ideas

  1. Do you keep your recycling bin full of items you can reuse for crafting? We do! And one of the things we made are adorable toilet paper roll angels. Kids loved to make them and they turned out super cute!
  2. When you have very young kids around, like toddlers or preschoolers, they can still create lovely things for Christmas decorating. One of super easy crafts that work wonders for their fine motor skills is torn paper Christmas wreath. They will enjoy tearing and gluing paper so much!
  3. Quick crafts, when you’re short on time or when you need to occupy kids while you take care of other Christmas preparations, are the best. Let kids make pipe cleaner snowflakes to add a feeling of white Christmas to your home!
  4. Cookie cutters are not just for baking! We used them to make a number of crafts over years, like these simple but very eye-catching cookie cutter Christmas ornaments! Keep them white or let kids colour them to match other Christmas tree decorations, decision is up to you.
  5. If your kids enjoy baking with you, set aside time for baking session and invite them to help prepare Christmas cookie and ornament gift packs! They will love both making and giving them to family members and friends.
  6. For last minute gifts for unexpected guests on Christmas eve, or when you need something simple and quick to make where kids can add their personal touch, let them decorate few Christmas candles. These DIY decorated candles are all unique and lovely!
  7. Christmas gifts that are actually useful are the best! Don’t you think so too? Kids had so much fun making DIY snowman plate, and also eating cookies from it once they were done and added to our Christmas table!
  8. When you want to pamper someone with extra attention, you make them bath bombs! We have a bath bomb recipe kids helped create and it smells divine! Just the perfect gift for this Christmas!
  9. You know those crafts that look super hard to make, but in reality, they are so simple? Christmas tree pop-up card is one of those crafts! Let kids make one to match each of the Christmas gifts you prepared for under the Christmas tree!
  10. For their little friends, kids can make penguin softies and hand them over as Christmas gifts. This easy sewing project for beginner will be much appreciated by all those kids who have a soft spot for plush animals and softies!

From toilet paper Christmas crafts to easy crafts for kids, kids love them all! Prolong anticipation for Christmas eve this year and set aside time to put together few crafting sessions with your kids. They enjoy making their own Christmas decorations and gifts so much! Just take a look at their proud faces when they are finished and handing them over or hanging them around the home!

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

We love sharing fun and easy Christmas crafts – there’s no better time of the year to inspire kids imaginations! This paper bag reindeer puppet is super easy to make and fun to play with too.

paper bag reindeer puppet craft 300

Do your kids like painted rocks? Mine love them! These Christmas story stones are a great way to encourage storytelling or you can use them for painting and hiding.

christmas story stones painted rocks 300

Finally I can’t resist a festive paper plate craft and this movable penguin paper plate craft is super cute!

movable penguin paper plate craft 300

christmas crafts for kids ideas square

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