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Movable Penguin Paper Plate Craft

I think this movable penguin paper plate craft might one of my most favourite things I’ve ever shared on here? It’s super cute and it makes a lovely winter craft for kids too. I’ve shared some penguin crafts for kids before – I still kinda love this upcycled penguin lantern, but this craft is great for using as a puppet too – meaning that you get to play with it once the making fun is over.

movable penguin paper plate craft

Movable penguin paper plate craft: materials

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Paper plate


Blue paint

White  card

Craft sticks


Felt tip pens


Snowflake stickers

Lets make it:

Start by painting your paper plate. Depending on your plate I sometimes find that I get a better coverage if I use fingers to paint with rather than a paintbrush but it might depend on how messy you want your kids to get! I normally keep a packet of baby wipes next to me when the kids are crafting as it makes it all a lot less stressful.

how to make a movable penguin paper plate craft

Next stick your snowflake stickers on, mine are from Lidl but these ones look pretty similar. If you don’t have any stickers then you could try drawing them on with a white pen instead – I find chalk markers normally work best for this.

Using your scissors then cut a lie along the middle of your paper plate, this shouldn’t reach either end so you might want to put some playdough under  your plate as you push the scissors through.

penguin paper plate craft

Draw a penguin on white card using some felt tip pens. Cut the penguin out using scissors and then stick a craft stick onto the back using selotape. I was originally only going to use one penguin but I couldn’t decide which one I preferred – we watched Happy Feet last week so this little craft is good if you’d like to make a little Mumble and Gloria!

All that’s left to do is thread the craft sticks on your penguins through the gap in the paper plate and they are ready to dance and play. Like this penguin paper plate craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image at the bottom so that you can have the instructions and material list to hand when you need them.

movable penguin paper plate craft square

Want more penguin activities for kids? I love this penguin counting activity from A Dab of Glue Will Do and this penguin inspired move and learn activity from Mom Inspired Life to help teach the alphabet.

We’ve also got loads more paper plate winter crafts for kids here – why not try out this snowflake paper plate twirler that’s great for practising scissor skills?

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler 300

Or these paper plate polar bears are easy enough for younger kids  to make too.

polar bear craft for kids 300

Finally these paper plate snowflakes make great decorations and they’re good fun to decorate too.

paper plate snowflakes 300

movable penguin paper plate craft for kids


  1. 10th December 2017 / 11:01 am

    Aw this is such a cute little craft, love the little penguins x

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