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Polar Bear Craft for Toddlers

We love sharing activities and crafts for toddlers with you and todays post is perfect for a bit of winter crafting! This easy polar bear craft for toddlers is suitable for older kids too but the materials it uses mean that it’s a great fine motor activity for little hands.

polar bear craft for toddlers preschool

Polar Bear Craft for Toddlers

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As well as today’s craft I’ll be sharing some great polar bear books for kids and keep reading for more winter crafts for toddlers too. Want to make sure you don’t forget this activity? Make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you’ve got it to hand when you need it.


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To make this polar bear craft start by pouring some white paint onto a plate, this makes it much easier to dip your pom pom into. Using pom poms is a great way to help with fine motor skills, plus I think that anything other than a normal paintbrush is a bit more interesting for kids!

On some blue card start to make a big circle for your polar bears face using your pom pom stamped in the white paint and then filling it in with pom pom prints. I find that card is better for crafts like this rather than paper because it can hold more paint without getting drippy. When you are happy with the circle add  two ears at the top, you could use different sized pom poms for this if you like.

To finish your polar bear add some googly eyes and a nose and mouth cut from black cardstock and glued on. One of the nice things about this craft that makes it good for toddlers is that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t make a perfect bear shape, any pom pom prints that go off course could of course be snowflakes! If you did want to add some more snowflakes to this picture you could use a different sized pom pom or try snowflake stickers or stampers, my kids are normally of the ‘more is more’ frame of mind so I know these would be a winner with them!

Polar Bear Books for Kids:

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing nicer than snuggling up inside with a story! Why not check out these polar bear books and find something new to read with your toddler.

Winter Crafts for Toddlers:

Fancy trying another polar bear craft for kids? This paper plate one is perfect.

polar bear craft for kids 300

These paper plate snowflakes are great for toddlers to decorate as they can hold so much paint and glue!

paper plate snowflakes 300

Finally this snowflake paper plate twirler is a great way to practice scissor skills.Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler 300

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