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Doily Ice Cream Craft

I love doily crafts because they make everything look so pretty – my daughter does too and I’m very thankful that they’re also one of our cheapest crafting materials that we use as it means we can make as many as we like! Today I’m sharing this cute doily ice cream craft as well as some more summer crafts for kids that I think you might like.

doily ice cream

Doily Ice Cream Craft Materials




Brown card or paper

Brown pen


Optional – mini pom poms

ice cream craft for kids summer

Let’s make it!

For this craft I’ve made a little video tutorial – rather have written instructions? You’ll find them straight below the video.

Start by painting your doily, we’ve used really cheap water based paints which are great as they dry really quickly too – colour your doily the flavour you’d like your ice cream to be! Next up cut your cone shape out of card or brown paper, ours is from a box we’d had a delivery in and make crisscross lines on it in brown felt tip pen for the markings on your ice cream cone.

Once your doily is dry stick it onto your cardboard cone and then add any decorations for your sprinkles – ours uses mini pom poms but you could draw some on with pens or make some sprinkles out of old bits of coloured paper.

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin a picture for later so you don’t forget to make it. Want more ideas for summer crafts for kids? We love this fun paper bowl ice cream craft.

paper bowl ice cream craft square 300

Or how about making this fun and easy paper plate watermelon craft?

paper plate watermelon 300

Finally there’s tons of inspiration in this round up of over 35 Summer activities for toddlers

summer activities for toddlers 300

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