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Paper Bowl Ice Cream Craft

I love this fun ice cream craft for kids as it’s a fun three dimensional craft for kids to make but it’s also about ice cream – possibly my kids favourite subject?! This is a really simple summer craft for kids to make and would look fantastic up of the wall – or you could stick bowls on both sides for a bit of dramatic play!

paper bowl ice cream craft for kids

Paper Bowl Ice Cream Craft Materials:

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Paper bowls


Paint (I used pink and yellow)


Coloured pens



Pom poms

easy ice cream craft for kids summer activities

Let’s make it:

This is a really easy and fun craft to make but if you’d like to see a quick tutorial I’ve made a little video of how I made this craft.

Start by painting the underneath of your paper bowl and then while this is drying cut out a triangle shape from some cardboard for your cone – I used the packaging of a delivery we’d had earlier this week. On your triangle make crisscross lines using a brown pen to make your ice cream cone.

Once your bowl is dry you can decorate it – I’ve used felt tip pens for my ‘sprinkles’ and then glued on a red pom pom for a cherry. Glue your paper plate onto your cardboard cone and then leave it to dry. Can’t wait for the glue to dry? I’ve been there too! You could try using selotape at the back to hold it in place or stapes or glue dots would probably work really well too.

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doily sun craft square 300

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paper plate watermelon 300

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