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Reaching Out: How To Get The Readers You Need For Your Blog

A lot of bloggers that are just starting out often want to know how they can reach the right audience for their topic, and there is not just one answer for that question. Firstly, it’s not always a bad thing to have a small audience, as long as the audience that you have is actually reading your blog and clicking through on your links. You can generate a big buzz with a small audience.

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You don’t have to be a marketing genius or have a masters in marketing online to know that the more that you post online and on social media, the more clicks you will get. The whole idea of a blog is to have a voice, one that talks about a niche topic that knows what it’s talking about. You want to be able to have a valuable blog, and when you want to kick the dust up and get more of a buzz to your blog, you’re likely going to do everything you can to expand your reach. Read below three ways you can expand that reach and grab as many blog readers as possible.

Careful Links. It’s important to choose your links carefully when you are incorporating them into your blog. You don’t want to be blogging about parenthood and link negative things about parenthood. You want links that are written by active promoters. You want to find links that are valuable to your blog post and you want them to be on the good blogs out there. It’s all about people, and if you reach out to some of the people that you are linking in your blog posts, there’s a chance that you could find yourself with content marketing that has been amplified


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Join Some Groups. Instagram and Facebook, alongside LinkedIn and Twitter, utilise hashtags to capture their audiences. You need join groups and chats related to those hashtags that you use, so that you can mention the posts that you are writing and the blog that you run. For example, a social media site with #parentlife will often have funny quips and stories that you can join in with. Get to know those who post often, and you can point them your way.

Network. Influential people that you admire and follow are a part of your network, you just have to be brave enough to put yourself out there and talk to them. They may be influential but that doesn’t make them scary! Ask them for quotes and their thoughts and get permission for those quotes to be in your blog posts. Others who admire your influencers will stumble across your blog by chance through them clicking your quote and boom; you’ve extended your reach.

It’s important to utilise social media as much as possible when you are blogging. You can reach not just a country-wide audience, but a global one. Chase after those clicks and you’ll be able to climb the ranks of the successful bloggers out there in the world.

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