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Tissue Paper Rainbow Fish Craft

This fun rainbow fish craft put a smile on my grumpy toddlers face yesterday. After a few days of hot weather she’s been tired and grumpy but when I asked her if she wanted to do some ‘making’ she brightened straight up! We love sharing crafts for toddlers and as under the sea crafts are pretty popular with preschools and nurseries she’s been doing a lot of sea crafts for kids at nursery recently so this was a nice way to continue at home. My son has also been reading the Rainbow Fish which this craft fits in really well with! There are ways to adapt this craft easily for different ages and this post does also contain a bit of a precautionary tale which I highly recommend you read before you start crafting!

rainbow fish craft


White cardstock

Brightly coloured tissue paper



Bowl, water and paintbrush

Our rainbow fish craft

My daughter is only two so I prepped this activity for her, cutting out squares of tissue paper and the fish shapes. I highly recommend using cardstock for this rather than just normal paper because with the added water the paper is more likely to tear or fall apart.

We put the squares of tissue paper onto the cardstock fish, this is a good excuse to talk about colours too as sometimes my daughter wanted me to place them down so I could ask her what colour she wanted next. You could also do this with different coloured shapes as an excuse to chat about those!

rainbow fish craft for preschoolers

Once your squares are in place get some water on your paintbrush and paint over the tissue paper. The tissue paper will then bleed its colours onto the cardstock below. A word of warning here, we do a lot of crafting and so far pretty much everything we’ve ever done had been able to be wiped up with a baby wipe. Not these. Nope, part way through crafting I thought I’d clean up a bit of the ‘paint’ on my dining table and…it wouldn’t come off. At this point I tried to convince my daughter she wanted to stop making her rainbow fish but she was well into it and having none of that. Fun times! A kitchen scouring pad, some hot water and some washing liquid later and I’ve managed to get rid of most of it but do learn from my mistake and if you value your home at all but a protective cloth down first!

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  1. 24th July 2016 / 6:38 pm

    That looks so pretty and I love how simple it is to do x

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