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Stained Glass Christmas Tree Suncatcher

This year for Halloween we made a stained glass pumpkin and we loved it! It was such a cute decoration and  my son loved hanging it in the window, so with Christmas approaching I thought we’d give suncatchers another try and we came up with this cute stained glass Christmas tree!

Stained Glass Christmas Tree Suncatcher

What you need:

Sticky back plastic / Contact paper


Washi tape / sellotape

Black paper or card

Coloured cellophane


Thread to hang it

How to make your stained glass Christmas tree:

On your black paper draw a simple silhouette of a Christmas tree and cut it out. I left the trunk of the tree filled in as I knew that all the celophane would end up there otherwise!

Cut out your branches from green cellophane and circular lights or baubles from the other colours. It really doesn’t matter if these aren’t perfect circles as this is a kids craft! I tend to get stuff like this done in advance as small kids tend to have quite low attention span and my preschooler will not sit and wait while I cut stuff out. Having crafts prepped in advance is my secret to successful toddler crafting! You can use tissue paper rather than cellophane, like we did here with our Elmer sun catcher, but I think you’ll agree that celophane looks way more effective, once I started using it I figured I’d never change back 😉

stained glass christmas tree for preschoolers

Cut two pieces of sticky back plastic a bit bigger than your tree, unpeel the backing from one to be the one you will stick to. Because it’s sticky this has a tendency to get stuck to arms, clothes, everything so to keep it in place on the table I stick down each corner using a bit of washi tape of sellotape.

Let your kid put the tree onto the sticky back plastic and decorate it with the branches and lights.

Once they’re done remove the backing from the other bit of sticky back plastic and pop it on top to seal everything in place.

Cut round your Christmas tree shape and using a needle and thread make a little loop at the top so you can hang it in your window.

Ta-da! Your stained glass Christmas tree sun catcher is complete and is looking super cute and festive!

Christmas tree sun catcher for preschoolers

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  1. 15th November 2014 / 3:12 pm

    What a beautiful decoration – I’d love to see it in person when the sun comes through! #FrugalFamily

  2. 24th November 2014 / 9:53 am

    What a lovely effective fun, simple craft. It looks really beautiful .
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids

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