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Simple Kid Made Drinking Straw Christmas Cards

Last week when we were making our driftwood Christmas cards we all got a bit excited about making cards ourselves and so we created these drinking straw Christmas cards too. They’re super simple but there’s also a little bit of learning and fine motor skills involved too which makes it into a great Christmas activity for kids.


You will need:

Paper or card



Drinking straws


Foil snowflakes -totally optional but my son likes them

Making your drinking straw Christmas cards

To make these cards you need to first cut your drinking straws into different lengths. For my daughter who has just turned three this was a great excuse to practice here scissor skills as she loves cutting everything.


We then put the chopped pieces of drinking straw into order of size so that we could see how they would go on the cards. This was a great activity for my son who is five as we could talk about what is bigger or smaller, longer or shorter. And of course as well as being educational they had fun doing it which is the most important bit!


Our Christmas cards were made out of folded paper because we had run out of cards and my kids couldn’t wait to get started, but using card is best if possible as it makes it easier for your cards to stand up. We stuck our drinking straws onto our cards and my son decorated his with snowflakes as well.

Just so you can get an idea of what is achievable at what age, the green card with snowflakes is by my son (5), the red card with a slightly wobbly tree is by my daughter (3) and the red card with the slightly less wobbly tree is by me (slightly older than the kids)

Like this idea? Make sure you pin the image below so you don’t forget to make it.


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  1. 18th November 2016 / 2:47 pm

    These look awesome, such an easy way to make cards with little ones x

  2. 21st November 2016 / 9:24 pm

    I love this. My eldest two like to show off their scissor skills too. Pinned it x

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