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Foil Painted Shamrock Craft

Painting is all good and fun but sometimes it’s fun to use something other than a paintbrush! This foil painted shamrock activity is perfect for little hands and you could also use it to help teach colour mixing.

foil painted shamrock craft for kids

Foil painted shamrock craft materials

Green card

Paint – green and / or yellow and blue


Kitchen foil



foil painted shamrock craft materials

Let’s make it!

Start by cutting a shamrock shape out of green card, I did mine freehand (after cutting out lots of hearts for Valentines Day it was surprisingly easy!) but if you’re worried yours won’t look right could always check for a template on Google. I also recommend using card rather than paper for this craft as it will hold a lot more paint before it goes soggy.

On the plate place either green paint or blue and yellow paint so that you can make green by mixing them. Scrunch up the foil and get painting!

foil painted shamrock craft preschool

This is a fun way to get creative using some different items to normal, if you wanted to use more items salvaged from the kitchen then you could make the shamrocks from cardboard cereal boxes! It’s also fun for kids to scrunch up the foil as it makes a good sound and has a very different feeling to a normal paintbrush.

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foil painted shamrock craft for kids st patricks day

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  1. 9th March 2018 / 8:39 pm

    This looks like a really fun and simple craft which my kids would really enjoy, I shall add it to Pinterest to remind me 🙂

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