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Shower Sponge Easy Chick Craft

I’ve spent ages tonight trying to work out what these shower sponge things are called (body polisher? shower puff?) and the internet doesn’t seem to know either, what I am certain on though is that this is a super cute easy chick craft for kids, simple enough that my daughter made one that you can see below too!

sponge chick craft

Easy Chick Craft Materials

Shower sponge




Yellow paint

Orange card



Let’s Make It!

Start by putting some yellow paint onto your plate, you’ll want a nice flat surface to work with for this. Next up dab your shower sponge into the paint, your sponge will hold a lot of paint so you’ll want to use card for this craft rather than paper or it will get very sorry very quickly! Dab your paint onto your card, one dab will make you a little chick while moving it around the paper more will give you a bigger one, just make sure you keep to a circular shape!

easy chick craft for preschool

I’d normally share a couple of photos of materials at this point or some process shots so you can see a step by step guide but as my daughter and I were crafting together it just totally didn’t work on this occasion and believe me no one wants to get out professional photography lights when they have a four year old armed with every single paint they could find! I’m sure you can still follow the instructions on this craft though to be able to make it (if a four year old can, you can too right?!)

Once we’d painted our chicks bodies we cut out beaks and feet from orange card, eyes from black card and I cut pink cheeks out too. I had to help with the cutting as my daughter wanted ‘girl eyes’ for her chick rather than the circles I originally suggested and I have to admit they do look cuter. We stuck all our chick’s features on with glue and this is the one my daughter created.

cute chick craft for preschool

If you like this craft and want to remember to make it with your kids be sure to bookmark this page or pin the image at the bottom so you don’t forget about it. Want more ideas? Why not check out this round up of 15 chick crafts for kids -all super cute too!

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chick crafts preschool sponge


  1. 7th March 2018 / 3:17 pm

    This is adorable! So easy to make and with a shower puff too! Great idea especially as it’s coming up to Easter!

  2. 7th March 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Oh that’s so cute, I love it. What a great idea to use a shower sponge.

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