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Today was one of those days. The car was in the garage. I was ill. There was only so much Paw Patrol that any of us could handle. What to do? I suggested to my son that we made something and like any child of a crafts blogger he was determined and enthusiastic in his response. No. Then I suggested that we made some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cue running to the dinning room to get the paints out…

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Do your kids like Big Hero 6? My son loved it and has been pretending to be Baymax for the last couple of weeks! It’s been a little while since I shared any of my felt finger puppets but as soon as I told my son I was thinking of making a Baymax puppet he was checking in on my progress five times a day. Gotta love it when your boss is half your size! Getting the template right for this one was a bit tricky so I’ve included a free pattern for you to download so that you can quickly make a Baymax felt finger puppet of your own!

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This Hulk mask is super easy and fun to make and as it’s made from a paper plate that makes it super thrifty too! My four year old son made this last week while my daughter was painting her paper plate sun. Thankfully I tend to find that superhero crafts tend to take less intervention with my son as there’s nothing like wanting to get your superhero quite right to make you concentrate! This would also make a great playdate or party activity as you could cut out any of the bits needed in advance and then keep the kids nice and busy at the table!

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So, a couple of weeks back I posted a tutorial on how to make a Captain America shield from paper plates that was super popular with my son and it got me thinking. We love superhero crafts (heck, we love everything superhero!) so what else could we make ourselves? The answer of course was this simple Thor helmet DIY that we made with paper plates and some cardboard from the recycling bin. Needless to say it’s been a hit too!

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Last week we had the most fun making a new addition to my son’s dressing up collection. At four he is totally superhero obsessed and while Batman is his favourite he did for this decide that he would be ‘Batman-Captain America’! This Captain America shield DIY is super simple and is a great craft that you can make together with your kids.

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