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Advert. Over Christmas it’s fair to say that we amassed quite a lot of cardboard boxes, we do a lot of our shopping online and they tend to add up! I’m a great believer in using what we have to fuel our creativity in this house and anything that we can rescue from the recycling bin is always worth giving a second use so when Lonely Planet Kids asked if we would like to try out their Cardboard Box Creations book with 20 travel inspired ideas in it we were up for the challenge and if you love cardboard crafts too then keep reading for details about how your kids creations could win them loads of Lonely Planet Kids books!

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All summer I’m joining in with some of my blogging friends to bring you some great crafts that you can do with your kids without spending silly amounts of cash! Our second challenge was to think of some fun things to make from a cardboard box and everyone got stuck in coming up with some cool ideas! I love cardboard box crafts because kids seem naturally drawn to wanting to play with empty boxes anyway and it helps me feel better that the boxes are getting another use rather than just being popped straight into the recycling. Plus it’s cheap, did I mention that bit?!

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So I have to start this off by admitting that I nearly didn’t share this post. It is, by all accounts not exactly the most Pinterest friendly thing I’ve ever done and will probably take me a long, sweet time editing to get a photo that doesn’t show my messy home or my kids making daft faces. Then I realised that this is kind of the whole point. My kids are not stock photos and if they have cheesy grins in this that’s because they totally adored this activity. We had a box delivered from Amazon and my son informed me he wanted us to turn it into a Batmobile. You can’t turn requests like that down if you write a crafts blog, it’s a really poor show. So the challenge was set and all I had to do was try and quickly work out how to make a Batmobile out of a cardboard box!

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