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The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt seems to be a bit of a modern classic – I know that it’s certainly very popular and it’s a book that really appeals to adults too – the drawings by Oliver Jeffers are fabulous! I love sharing activities for kids books so today I’m sharing 15 The Day the Crayons Quit activities, with crafts, printables, decorations and even a fun DIY costume idea! I hope you like them as much as I do!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar has to be one of the most classic kids book ever and I’ve yet to find a kid that doesn’t love it! It’s also a book that’s really popular with parents, schools and preschools following the EYFS – I know that both my kids have ‘studied’ it at different times (does a three year old study a book? Maybe explored would be a better word?!) but it’s also one that’s fun to do some simple activities for at home too. These The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities are all fun, cute and perfect for kids – which one is your favourite?

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No matter whether you want to buy a World Book Day costume or make one yourself, it’s one of those days that always requires a bit of preparation. I try to get away with doing as little as possible because, well, I’m busy and I don’t want to spend hours making something, but I’m always super impressed by people who manAge to make the show stopping outfits. Of course, you don’t need to spend weeks to get your kid an outfit that is awesome so today I’m sharing some really cool DIY World Book Day costumes as well as some brilliant ones that you can buy.


I’ve really enjoyed being a Miffy Mum this year. Both my kids love Miffy anyway but it’s helped inspire a few ideas that I might not have thought of otherwise. Keeping toddlers entertained can be tricky, especially before they can talk and tell you what they want to do. Of course, at nearly two years old my toddler has lots of ways of communicating with us, but her main messages seem to be ‘more crackers’ or ‘look at my shoes! I love my shoes!’ rather than ‘hey mummy, lets do some activities for toddlers to improve my fine motor skills that are also super cute too’. Thankfully on some occasions I manage to fill in the blanks for her so while we spent a morning alone I set up this sweet Miffy activity for her to do!

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We are all struck down with Man Flu this week, so today while my son was at Playgroup and my daughter was having a nap I thought I’d try and make a little craft to make them smile. We’ve been reading Miffy in The Garden and both my kids love to garden too (or in my youngest’s case, eat dirt). But with the weather today? No thanks. I thought this Miffy small world would give them the chance to ‘play gardening’ inside and hurray because they loved it!

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