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Yesterday my son came home from school with a challenge. He didn’t see it as a challenge of course, to him it was a reasonable request – tucked away in his school bag was a stick. ‘Mummy, I want to make a lightsaber’. Of course. This was given the added bonus that I’d spent the last three days ill on the sofa unable to do anything, but as everyone knows all mums are secret magicians and if your child turns to you and expects you to be able to turn a stick into a lightsaber then some how you need to be able to make that so. This is a properly quick lightsaber diy, not the kind of nature craft that makes you ooh and want to be a hippy mum but the kind of real, achievable diy that you can do with your kids, even from your sick bed, and your kids are happy with the results. I guess that’s what crafting is round here after all.

lightsaber diy

So this is what we did, I dragged my sorry self out into the garden to look for another stick for the youngest (because otherwise hell would break out) and then the kids chose what colour they wanted their lightsabers to be. Red for the eldest while the little broke hers in half and decided that she wanted blue and yellow. Not super Star Wars-ish but if anyone’s on the Dark Side it’s her and we know better than to argue about these things.

We made our lightsabers by wrapping the sticks in electrical tape, you can pick up a pack of five or six colours in the pound shop normally. Although normally I’d like the idea of painting these or something a bit more nature craft-y I have to admit this was great as it means the colours were really strong and also meant that while I was ill I didn’t have to deal with two paint covered children. Bonus.

Both kids were super pleased with their lightsabers and both of them actually wanted to pose with them for me to take photos of them for this post, and you know what? They were great pictures. Probably the best in-action ones I’ve taken of my kids for this blog. But my daughter’s clothes are covered in about 5 different kinds of soft fruit and my son was wearing his school uniform. Typical! So the pictures aren’t perfect but they did have loads of fun playing with these, not a bad craft to come up with when you’re at home ill!

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