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20 Quick Set Up Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers

My daughter loves playing with sensory bins and I enjoy her playing with them – they can keep her occupied for hours! I’m happy to admit that I can spend ages eyeing up gorgeous sensory bin ideas for toddlers on Pinterest but there’s one, ok two small issues with this. Firstly, I just don’t have the time to spend ages making intricate small world sensory bins because I have two small kids (and the aforementioned Pinterest addiction) and secondly, well, my toddler seriously couldn’t care less how long I’ve spend prepping something. She just wants to play and if it doesn’t take me half an hour to clean up then hey that’s much better for me. So with that in mind I’m today sharing 10 ideas that will only take you a few minutes to prep.

easy to make sensory play ideas for kids

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Quick set up sensory bins for toddlers

Flower Sensory Soup – a great way for toddlers to look at the different flowers of the season

Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

Shredded paper – I love this idea with baby birds which is great for fine motor skills

Oats -this simple idea for an apple pie sensory bin using oats is fantastic

Popcorn – I love this idea for a fun farm sensory bin

Paw Patrol Sensory Tub – switch in your kids favourite toys, this entertained my toddler for ages!

Lego Ice Sensory Bin – ditch the frozen bit to make it quicker, this watery bin is still loads of fun

Foam Sensory Bin – this only takes two minutes to make and it’s great for pretend snow

transport sensory bin toddler ideas

Straws – Cut them into two or three pieces and add toys, bowls and scoops

Two Ingredient Cloud Dough – let your kids help make it too!

Cookie cutters-my daughter was obsessed with this sensory bin for months!

Dried rice

seaside sensory bin ideas for toddlers

Dried pasta

Water Beads like this sea creature play idea

Pom poms – great for scooping or picking up with these for extra fine motor skills

Acorns and conkers with forest animal toys

Black turtle beans, Straws and a rocket for a fun space themed sensory bin

Soil – add some jelly worms to it!

Dried green lentils and insect toys

Use shaving foam for snow – add a bit of cocoa powder to make ‘dirt’ which is great for playing with snowy farm animals (and my kids normally enjoy giving the animals a bath afterwards)

quick set up sensory bin ideas for toddlers

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sensory play ideas for kids


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