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Lego Ice Play

Recently I’ve had to hide the lego away from my kids. Not because I’m a mean mum (well, maybe) but with selling our home my daughter seemed to have some kind of sixth sense for when the place would need to be tidy for viewings or surveyors and would head straight to the lego box. Boom – maximum impact. This lego ice play idea was great for us because it allowed her to play with the lego all in one place and – bonus – got it cleaned up ready to pack. The ingenious little tool I used to make the lego ice was pretty cheap too and it great for perking up kids drinks on hot days!

lego ice play

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You will need:

Water table



Lego ice cube mold

lego ice play treasure

Our Lego Ice Play

I made some lego ice cubes in advance using water and some food colouring. I know that food colouring is a bit of a contentious issue with some readers over in the US but it’s a lot weaker here in the UK, hence our colours don’t get quite so bright! This is just to play with anyway. The ice cube tray I used is really cute and they do one of lego minifigures too if you fancy upping your game!

As well as the lego ice cubes, I added cups and spoons to our water table. I also used a plastic treasure chest for the ice.

lego water play

My daughter loved exploring the ice cubes telling me ‘it’s cold!’ and putting them into different pots before they melted. At two years old she also enjoyed telling me the different colours of all the lego pieces and pouring them from one pot to another.

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