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Sea Shell Lion

Last week I shared a cute sea shell whale craft and this week it’s time to share one of the other creations from my sea shell haul – this super cute sea shell lion! I know that lions are perhaps the first thing you think of when thinking about sea shell crafts but once I got the idea for this in my head I knew we had to make it!

sea shell craft for kids lion

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Supplies for making a sea shell lion

Large Shell


Yellow Paint

Washi Tape

Yellow or Orange Card – paper can be a little flimsey for this



Googley Eyes

Black Pen

Making your sea shell lion

To start with paint your shell all over in yellow paint. once it is dry put your coloured card into strips, I did this by cutting and A4 sheet in half lengh ways and then cutting this into strips but the length of card that you want for your mane will depend on the size of your shell.

kids sea shell craft lion

Using your scissors curl the strips of card, this is obviously a bit fiddley so for younger children I would recommend just sticking them on as they are. To attach the pieces of card to the shell, turn the shell over and stick them on using washi tape, this is much better due to the unusual shape of the shell and also means that they attach straight away rather than having to wait for glue to dry.

seashell crafts for kids lion

Once all of the mane is attached, turn your sea shell lion back over and you can glue on the googley eyes and draw on the rest of the lions face – we’re currently using this pen for all our crafts – it’s not strictly a craft pen but it works brilliantly for just about everything! I’ve shared lots of sea crafts for kids that we’ve made so make sure you check them out and don’t forget to pin the image below so you don’t forget to make it!

sea shell crafts for kids lion

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