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Paper Bowl Monster Craft for Kids

I love monster crafts because although you are ultimately making something that looks like a monster there’s so much scope for kids to make it look however they want. Want to have three eyes? That’s fine. Horns or a beard? Go for it, it’s hard to make a monster that looks too crazy! These paper bowl monsters are super simple to make and loads of fun too and you’ll also find some monster book recommendations to read alongside this fun craft.

paper bowl monster craft

Paper bowl monsters materials:

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Paper bowls



Coloured card or paper



Let’s make it!

If truth be told the thing that inspired this craft was my kids bedtime, because there’s nothing like bedtime to start worrying about monsters is there?! When my daughter started complaining a couple of weeks ago that she was too scared to sleep because, you know, monsters I decided to give it a bit of an unconventional approach. Mainly because second child (aka the one who has never slept) and I thought it was worth trying something other than night after night of trying to calm her down. So instead I gave her a look, raised my eyebrows and told her ‘Girls aren’t scared of monsters! Girls kick monsters in the butt!’ So there we go, probably one of the many reasons why this blog is more full of craft ideas rather than parenting advice as I now have a four year old who will yell out ‘girls kick monsters in the butt!’ whenever prompted but at least I don’t have any bedtime monster fears!

Anyway, start by painting the underneath of your monster – go with whatever colour you fancy or maybe even use a couple! Once your paper bowl is dry it’s time to decorate it. For eyes I’ve cut circles out of white card and used a black pen to make pupils in the middle.

paper bowl monsters craft eyes

The horns and spots are from some leftover orange card I had, this is a really good craft for using up any scraps that you have, other things you might like to add are eyebrows, fangs, coloured eyes, noses, ears or spikes. For the mouth I’ve cut two ovals out of black and white card (holding them together while you cut them out) before cutting the teeth shape out of white card as this makes them fit back together better afterwards, you could always just cut out some white card and then draw in the black bits though. Some good books to read alongside this would be Monsters Love Underpants, The Troll (ok, not quite a monster but a great book) or Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli.

paper bowl monster craft mouth

Like this craft? Make sure you bookmark this page or pin the image below so you don’t forget to make it! Want more easy activities for kids? My son loved this play dough monsters invitation to play  or these paper bag haircuts are nice and easy to set up and a good way to practice scissor skills or for a book related activity how about this Superworm sensory play!paper bowl monster craft for kids easy


  1. 20th March 2018 / 3:54 pm

    Love the way you combined crafting with some subtle therapy. Girls do indeed kick monsters in the butt.

  2. 20th March 2018 / 4:19 pm

    Monster crafts do open up a child’s creativity and can be a lot of fun too. I love how colourful your monsters are.

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