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Paper Bag Crafts for Kids: Puppy Puppet

We’ve been sharing a lot of paper bag crafts for kids recently and today is the turn of this super cute puppy puppet! For some reason there doesn’t seem to be that many puppy or dog crafts out there which is a shame as they always seem so popular with kids. This paper bag puppy is super easy to make and can be used as a puppet too – perfect for extending your activity and keeping the kids occupied for a bit longer!

paper bag crafts for kids puppy puppet

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Materials for your paper bag puppy craft:

Paper bags – I get mine from Morrisons (bakery, not buying the bags but hey who’s complaining?!) but you can buy them online too


Black and pink pens


Black foam or card

paper bag easy puppy craft for kids puppet

Let’s make it:

First start by drawing on your puppy’s face. You can use any felt tips for this but I used this pen which is the most practical thing I own! Next up are the cheeks, not essential of course but they make your puppy look way cuter.¬†For the ears I’ve used black foam although you could or course use black card, the foam is a bit sturdier though, cut them out and stick them onto the brown paper bag

And your done! Your puppy puppet is now ready to play with. If you liked this make sure you check out all our other paper bag crafts including our paper bag pirate, hair cutting activity or paper bag shark.

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