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New Year’s Glitter Cloud Dough

This glitter cloud dough is lots of fun to make and play with. Adding as much sparkly stuff as you can makes for a fun New Years Eve activity for kids and helps them to get involved in celebrating the new year too!

New Years Eve Glitter Cloud Dough* This post contains affiliate links*


Two cups of plain flour

1/2 Cup of baby oil


Fine glitter (We used these ones)

Foil shapes

How to make glitter cloud dough:

Mix the oil and flour together and then add the glitter and foil shapes. My son was in charge of mixing, if you have kids that enjoy mixing cakes then they’ll love making cloud dough! After a quick go with a spoon we always move on quickly to using our hands.

We made our cloud dough in a large bowl but obviously it can go a bit everywhere no matter what you do. This would be great to do outside but as it’s a New Years Eve activity it was way too cold out there! I just swept up afterwards, it was all fine again after a couple of minutes.

glitter cloud dough

How we played with it:

So, I knew that although my son loves playdough, cloud dough might not be quite as appealing for him as the consistency is quite different so I decided to introduce the one thing thing that I knew would ensure he loved it. Batman. Once we were done swishing and squeezing the cloud dough out came Batman to play with his friends in the glittery snow. Err, actually we had I think five Batmans in there? Yeah. My son loved pouring ‘snow’ on Batman’s head and burying him in it so he could jump out and scare his friends!  As our dough was full of glitter and sparkly things we could also play that Batman was at a party.  My son also enjoyed squeezing the glitter cloud dough into little worm shapes.

This picture makes me laugh a lot!

cloud dough ideas for partiesAs an aside, I was a bit concerned about how the cloud dough would clean out of Batman’s cape but it was fine. Washing our Batmen in the sink afterwards with a bit of soap meant we got to do a bit of water play too, bonus!

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