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Mess Free Snowflake Sensory Bag

This snowflake sensory bag was so easy to make that now I want to make them with all sorts of themes! You can put this simple activity together in around two minutes and even better it’s easily adaptable for different ages, so although it looks like mess free sensory play for babies, my son who is nearly six also enjoyed playing with it and actually you can use it for simple maths activities too!


You will need:

Plastic zip-lock bag (mine are from Morrisons)

Foil snowflake shapes (also from Morrisons)


Hair Gel

Sellotape / parcel tape


How to make your snowflake sensory bag

After we made our mess free autumn tree craft I’ve been quite interested in the idea of doing another craft inside a zip-lock bag. Truth be told I quite enjoy playing with them myself and I find them really therapeutic! To make this sensory bag I put a few tablespoons full of hair gel into the ziplock bag and then added some foil snowflakes. Close the bag properly, making sure that all the air is pushed out first and then seal it with sellotape or parcel tape. I don’t really need to do this so much for my son but I wouldn’t be so trusting with younger kids!


Both my kids enjoyed playing with this (as did I!) with my son being older you could also change this from just being a simple sensory bag into something that supported other areas of learning by getting him to count the number of snowflakes, talking about how snowflakes are made or placing it flat on a table and then using it to practice writing letters or words using a finger.

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  1. 23rd November 2016 / 9:54 am

    I know my two children would love this, even if they are a tad old (4 and 7). But – I want one!!! It would be great to have on my desk as a winter de-stress toy….

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