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Kinetic Sand Dinosaur Excavation

My son has been desperately wanting to try out some kinetic sand for ages and I have to admit that I have too!  We were offered the chance to review some of the fab toys from House of Fraser and I knew straight away this is what he’d want to try, we’ve seen it played with on kids You Tube channels but I hadn’t seen it available in UK shops before. Of course rather than just have a play with it I thought I’d try something a bit extra so I set up a little activity in the form of this kinetic sand dinosaur excavation.

Kinetic sand dinosaur excavation activity for kids

What you will need

Kinetic sand

Large high rimmed tray (I used a baking dish)


Toy dinosaurs

Excavation tools – we used small plastic forks and spoons and a paintbrush

What we did

If you haven’t used kinetic sand before it’s great fun to play with! It’s like a looser, sandier play dough. You can mould it but it will start to drip apart! I put the kinetic sand into the dish while my son hid his eyes (there was no way he was going to leave me alone for the set up on this one!) and then he used his tools to find and excavate his dinosaurs. This was also a great excuse to talk about how dinosaurs are excavated in real life and I explained to him how paleontologists use brushes so they don’t damage the remains that they find. After this he was much more keen to use the paintbrush and play at being an paleontologist too!

Kinetic sand is a great sensory play experience and although it’s recommended for kids aged over 3 my nearly two year old enjoyed digging her hands into it too.

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Disclosure: We were sent this kinetic sand to review.


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