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Easy Easter Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Up until now I’ve avoided making a sensory bin for my children at all. I love looking at ideas for activities for toddlers and sensory play but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed by it and like I have to produce something amazing otherwise my kids won’t like it. Sometimes though the simple ideas can be the best. During a playdate the other week my four year old son and his friend were busy being four year olds and as such, my one year old daughter and her two year old friend needed occupying. I put together this simple Easter sensory bin for toddlers in about two minutes and they loved it!

easy easter sensory bin for toddlers


Toy Eggs

Foam Stickers


Toy chicks

Fake grass / shread

Large Box

How to make your super easy Easter sensory bin for toddlers

I used a large tupperware box to put all the materials for my sensory bin in, in hindsight it really wasn’t big enough. The kids really wanted to root through it all (which is good!) but it did mean that I had to pick up quite a bit the floor afterwards. One of the good thing about using the shreaded grass packaging stuff is that it was really easy to pick up where as a more traditional sensory bin filler like rice would have required the hoover coming out.

simple easter sensory bin for toddlers

The majority of the materials I used for this sensory bin had been picked up earlier in Poundland, meaning that this was fairly cheap to do too. I didn’t use all of any of the things I purchased meaning that there’s plenty left for other activities.

I put foam stickers onto the eggs to give them a bit more visual and textural interest. The girls both loved them and would pick the eggs up to look and touch them and of course to see if they could pull them off! As I used quite small toy chicks in this I made sure that the toddlers were supervised. Nothing says bad playdate like a choking incident!

easter sensory bin for toddlers

The girls enjoyed playing with their Easter sensory bin for quite a while, hunting out the chicks and admiring the eggs. Once they were finished the boys came in and had a play too. I wasn’t sure that they would be so interested but they were really into it too, especially the chicks who I later found all doing time in my son’s Gotham City Jail. Naughty chicks!!

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