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Doily Easter Chick Craft for Kids

Isn’t this doily chick just way too cute?! I’ve called this an Easter chick craft for kids but in all fairness it works perfectly well as a spring craft too – anything farm related is good at this time of the year! What’s more it’s easy enough for even young kids to make and costs only a few pennies in craft supplies.

easter chick craft for kids



Doily Easter Chick Craft for Kids: Materials




Orange, pink, black and yellow card



Let’s make it:

To make this cute chick craft I used watercolour paints rather than the normal ready mixed kids paints, not the fancy watercolour ones, the ones your kid buys in a plastic tray for a pound. Why? Well half of the appeal with doily crafts for kids is that the doily looks pretty and I thought thick paint would clog up all those holes. Whats more watercolours are really quick to dry which means that you can get on with making this chick sooner rather than sitting waiting for paint to dry.

easy easter chick craft for kids instructions

So to start off you’ll need to paint your chick yellow – use more paint to make it yellower or less for a pale colour. While it’s drying cut some feet and a beak out of orange card and then some circles out of the pink card to make it’s cheeks. Of course chicks don’t exactly need pink little cheeks but I think it makes it a lot cuter?

Next up are eyes out of black card (you could use googly eyes instead) and wings out of yellow card and then stick these all in place. Your chick is now done! If you liked this craft don’t forget to pin the image below or bookmark this page so you have this idea to hand when you need it. Want more ideas? Why not check out this round up of over 40 spring activities for toddlers!

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easy easter craft for kids doily chick


  1. 7th February 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Watercolours sound like a good tip. My two always get very impatient waiting for their creations to be dry and ready!

  2. 16th February 2018 / 11:43 am

    This is so cute – something my two would have loved to do a few years ago x x

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