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Cute Ghost Footprint Keepsake

So I told myself I wsn’t going to blog any Halloween crafts yet but when I told my son about my idea for this cute ghost footprint keepsake he wanted to make it right that very minute, so I figured hey, if it’s not too early for him it’s not too early for here either? I have to admit that I rather love Halloween crafts, as I kid I never celebrated Halloween but now I have kids of my own? Love it. It’s an excuse for dressing up, sweets and fun craft ideas and that’s good enough for me!

cute ghost footprint keepsake

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You will need

2 Cups Plain Flour


2 Cups Salt

1 Cup Warm Water

Bowl To Mix In

Black Paint

Small Person Willing To Stick Their Feet In Salt Dough

How to make salt dough

Mix the flour, salt and warm water together in a bowl. As I get my kids to make this the consistency is a little different each time depending on how their measuring goes. If it’s a bit dry just add a touch more water and if it’s a bit too wet add a bit more flour, it should be roughly the same consistency as playdough. The amount I made was just enough to do the footprints of a four year old and a one year old.

How to make your super cute ghost footprint keepsake

Once your salt dough is made roll it into two balls and then flatten these down into circles. Before you get your kid to stand in it hold it up to their foot to make sure their foot will fit, I had to do a bit of extra squishing as apparently my kids have huge feet. Pop your flat circle of saltdough on a baking tray or similar and then get your kid to stand on it hard enough to leave a mark, with my youngest I had to press it on to her foot instead. Your salt dough can now either be left out to air dry or popped in the bottom of a cool oven until they dry, I normally put a bit of baking paper onto my tray to make sure nothing sticks. Don’t do what I did and pop them in the bottom of the oven while you are cooking the kids dinner because you are impatient as that’s how I ruined my daughters one!

Once the ghost keepsakes are dry paint round the outside in black and draw in a face using more paint or a black felt tip.

If your kids enjoyed this craft make sure you check out my new book 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids which is full of fun, achievable and cool ideas!

salt dough ghost craft for kids

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