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Cookie Cutter Rainbow Sensory Bin

Keeping a toddler entertained isn’t always the easiest thing so I’m always on the look out for easy activities for toddlers. As a mum of two kids I know that I’ve spent silly amounts of money before on educational toys that my kids couldn’t have cared less about while they have both spent many a happy hour going through the contents of my handbag. Toddler activities don’t need to be complicated though, sensory play ideas always work really well and this cookie cutter rainbow sensory bin has been so popular with my one year old that it’s currently my go-to activity for keeping her happy.

Cookie Cutter Rainbow Sensory Bin

You will need

A box / bin / bucket

Cookie cutters of different shapes and every colour you can find


What we do

As we’ve made this rainbow sensory bin a few times now each time has been slightly different. Sometimes, as with the pictures above, I’ll add a bit of tissue paper. There is no great science behind this, it’s just another nice thing to feel and explore. At 22 months my daughters favourite thing is just for me to put the cookie cutters into a box or bin and to be given a bucket too to move them between.¬†She loves to tip all the cookie cutters on the floor and then collect them up one by one. Often we’ll have a little chat about what colour, shape or letter it is, sometimes I let her just get on with it while I do something crazy and wild like the washing up. She loves to put all the cookie cutters into the box and then threaten me with it (“Nooooooo! Not the cookie cutters!”) or show me one she’s taken a fancy to. This activity takes less than a minute to set up but can easily keep her entertained for half an hour, plus it’s pretty easy to tidy away again afterwards! If you like trying out rainbow sensory play ideas with your kids then you might also like to check out In The Playroom’s post which has 35 fabulous ideas in it.

simple rainbow sensory bin for toddlers

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  1. 13th August 2015 / 8:30 am

    What a simple and lovely idea for sensory play.

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