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Ok so admittedly as I write this it’s cold and raining outside but as far as I’m concerned that means it’s the perfect time to share these Spring activities for toddlers, firstly because I know that lots of you are planning your activities to get started on soon but also because these activities are so bright and cheerful and we all need more cheerful stuff in our lives! We’ve shared hundreds of activities for toddlers for inspiration throughout the year so make sure you check them all out too.

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I originally planned this as a Chinese New Year craft for kids but truth be told it’s just as much to do with my desire for spring to start – I am done with the cold weather! This handprint cherry tree craft is super easy to make and uses one of our favourite ways to print – Duplo!

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We are in full Easter mode round here right now so I’m very excited to share with you some easy ways to style an Easter bag. I’ve been working with Print-I-Y who make loads of fun things that you can easily personalise in minutes and today I’ll not only be showing you how we personalised these sweet Easter bags but also some fun Easter tree decorations and some super cute Easter cards too that I can’t wait to send!

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I am so glad Spring is finally here, daffodils, snow drops and the occasional bit of decent weather are so much more uplifting to me than Winter! To celebrate the changing of season today I’m sharing some detailed Spring colouring pages. All of these are totally free so just click the links of the ones you like the sound of and then go and download them and enjoy!

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It’s fair to say that Easter is quite popular around our house, I know this to be true because last night my three year old refused to sleep for two hours because she was soooooo excited and when could she have her Easter egg hunt? Needless to say I’ve been questioning celebrating Easter this weekend instead! I do genuinely enjoy Easter though and I enjoy having something to look forward too as much as the kids do, I do get a slight panic though when I get asked to do something on a theme straight away though so this is the most recent of my free printable lists of activities so that you can print this out and pop it onto your fridge ready to give you some inspiration when you need some fun Easter activities for kids.

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