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Crafts for kids

Easy, achievable and fun crafts for kids – cheap materials but amazing results!

I love doing flower crafts for kids as it gives me the chance to do something I enjoy making too! Today I’m sharing some of my favourites from the Kid Bloggers Network as well as telling you how you can win one of three $500 cash prizes! Pretty cool huh?!

flower crafts for kids

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I originally shared this mug tutorial over on Red Ted Art earlier this year, but as it’s been so successful in our family and it’s so hard to think of  gifts for men I thought I’d share this cute Father’s Day mug that my son made over here too!

handmade gifts for men

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During some midweek baking last week to avoid the rain my son dropped a few of the paper cases on the floor. When I went to pick them I realised how much they look like little flowers and boom! Cake case flowers it was. A nice little kids craft project to do while our cakes were cooking!

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Living near the beach is lovely but it does tend to get rather busy on hot days. This weekend we had an early visit there on our way elsewhere to avoid the crowds. We love sea crafts for kids and I’ve been trying to think of some seashell craft ideas that I can do with my toddler, we picked up some seashells and driftwood while we were there and bought them home to make something with later that evening. This is what we came up with!

Seashell craft ideas

A couple of weeks back I saw this DIY wall hanging on Tigerlilly Quinn hat I really liked, but I thought it might be fun to use things that we found at the seaside and use some driftwood rather than dowling rod. View Post

The other Saturday night, in normal haphazard style, The Husband remembered that he had to work on Sunday morning. Normally when he’s working I try to have a plan in place but as this was last minute I had to think on my feet a bit. The result was looking for ways to paint without a paintbrush. We stopped off first thing at Wilkinsons and did a quick 99p purchase but other than that everything we found was around the house or garden. My son loved doing it so I thought I would share it with you!

ways to paint without a paintbrush

1) Pom poms, lovely and squishy and perfect for small hands

2) Pipecleaners, always get loads of these in craft packs and other than making crowns I never have a clue what to do with them. Obviously paint was the answer.

3) Flowers. We used dandelions (messy) and bluebells (super cute) These were probably the most popular things as hunting in the garden for things to paint with sounds very subversive when you are three! View Post