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Crafts for kids

Easy, achievable and fun crafts for kids – cheap materials but amazing results!

Living near the beach is lovely but it does tend to get rather busy on hot days. This weekend we had an early visit there on our way elsewhere to avoid the crowds. We love sea crafts for kids and I’ve been trying to think of some seashell craft ideas that I can do with my toddler, we picked up some seashells and driftwood while we were there and bought them home to make something with later that evening. This is what we came up with!

Seashell craft ideas

A couple of weeks back I saw this DIY wall hanging on Tigerlilly Quinn hat I really liked, but I thought it might be fun to use things that we found at the seaside and use some driftwood rather than dowling rod. View Post

Well shock horror as it’s not quite Easter yet and we are already filled to the brim with Easter sweeties. Oops!

My son has been obsessed with plastic eggs for months (cheers YouTube) but I’ve refused to buy him one as I think they’re a bit of a con. Salvation for toddlers as usual comes in the shape of grandparents so he was super happy when one arrived in the post from my mum. After swiftly dealing with the sweets inside it he didn’t want to throw it out straight away and frankly I wasn’t super keen to add to the landfill that quickly so I thought we’d upcycle it.

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kids washi tape easter eggsYesterday stuck for something to do I thought it would be fun to decorate some Easter eggs with The Toddler. Naturally my first idea was a disaster so I had to quickly think of something else I had around the house. Washi tape! Of course!! I wasn’t sure if he’d fancy it but these washi tape Easter eggs were super popular with him.  View Post

moustache diy kids tshirtDo you find that your child has a couple of tops that they wear again and again? I’m having one of those weeks where I’m sick of getting the same clothes out every day for The Toddler, yet at the same time I’m kinda bored with the other stuff he owns too. Not good, huh?

I don’t really like throwing kids clothes out, because they are hideously expensive (seriously? how can a kids t shirt cost nearly as much as mine?!) so the options for when I’m bored are pretty much a) get on with life and ignore that my child is in the same top every day for 6 months b) upcycle one of their old boring ones to make something new and funky. In this case, umm… the top was a bit of a mess too and I thought that a new print would help hide some stains!

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