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A lot of bloggers that are just starting out often want to know how they can reach the right audience for their topic, and there is not just one answer for that question. Firstly, it’s not always a bad thing to have a small audience, as long as the audience that you have is actually reading your blog and clicking through on your links. You can generate a big buzz with a small audience.

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Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed describing myself as a professional blogger (Hi! I’m Kate! I make stuff out of paper bags and playdough for a living!) but I guess that’s what I am. Yes, I’m a stay at home mum too but this blog is my job, it’s how I put food on the table so I have to treat it with the same kind of seriousness as I would any other form of employment. Over the last year I’ve had a few real technical struggles with blogging – not great for me as I’m a secret technophobe – and one of the main and most obvious was having no internet at home. Twice in fact because we moved house twice in a year, so today I’m sharing what I learnt about blogging and broadband as well as how to keep your blog running if you don’t have access to the internet at all.

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A couple of weeks ago I published my first book 30 Halloween Crafts for Kids. Writing the book was pretty exhausting but of course that was only part of the issue – the other part was that I then had to try and sell it! As it was my first experience I set myself a small but what I hoped would be achievable target of sales and I met that in just over two weeks. My biggest challenge wasn’t just trying to promote my book but that I had to do it on zero budget. Not ‘oh, I’ll spend some money on Facebook ads and see how that goes’ but literally zip all, not a penny, nada. We’d just moved house and the thought of investing money into something that I didn’t know what the return was just sounded like a no go to me. So because I managed to sell my book without spending a penny on promotions I thought I’d share what I learnt and the strategies I used in case they can help someone else.

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So today I’m going to go a little off tangent and talk about how I’m been growing my followers on Pinterest. If you’re here for the kids crafts or colouring pages that’s fine – just click those links to find them but it you’d like to know my super simple tricks for how to boost your engagement and followers then stick right here!

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As the mum of two kids who have synchronised their lives so that I never get a break, I have become a master of multi tasking! Blogging is something I love and it’s also a great way for me to earn money, however the time I have to actually sit down at my laptop is pretty limited. This week I’ve been reading this post about the most innovative technology for day to day living and so I thought I’d share the best ways that bloggers can make use of technology, which in my opinion today is by using apps! Apps are a great way that you can sneak in a few minutes blog work while making a cup of tea or waiting at the school gate, so here’s my guide to great apps for bloggers!

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