I loved doing baby led weaning with my kids but finding baby led weaning recipes for the whole family? Ugh. There was always something my kids loved but I was bored of or something I fancied but I knew wouldn’t be suitable for my kids. Most of us have a few recipes that we turn to again and again and it’s no different if you’re making baby led weaning family meals – you just want something that everyone can enjoy together! Today I’m sharing some ideas that our whole family enjoyed plus some ideas from other bloggers I hope you’ll enjoy too!

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As someone who has spent an awful lot of time making the same sandwiches over and over again I love sharing these baby led weaning lunch ideas here as it gives me the inspiration to try something new, after all this is food that’s suitable for the whole family! These baby led weaning recipes are all perfect for sharing with your little one and they’re all tried and tested out by other parents so you know they have their kids seal of approval too.

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We’ve shared quite a few baby led weaning dinner ideas over the years but this round up has to be one of my favourites, it’s packed full of delicious ideas that are perfect to share including avocado and spinach spaghetti, baby friendly chicken tikka massala and pork and sweet potato meatballs – all of which sound so good I want to try them right now!

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Even though my kids are now past the weaning stage I remember all too well the eternal search for some good finger food ideas for baby led weaning, actually in fact for any baby led weaning ideas – of course the idea behind baby led weaning is that your baby can eat whatever you eat but as someone who tends to eat a cheese and ham sandwich pretty much every day I know I needed some inspiration too to get me out of a rut! Ideas for baby led weaning are always really popular here so I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers to share their tried and tested ideas (I’m going to try out some with my kids too!). Need more inspiration? Stay tuned to the end of the post where I’ve got some baby led weaning meal inspiration too.

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As I’ve been sharing some family recipes for baby led weaning recently I’ve had a few people ask about baby led weaning stir fry ideas and recipes. The great thing about baby led weaning is that you and your baby can eat the same thing so stir fry’s are a great way to make feeding your child into a proper whole family meal time! Today I’m sharing some ideas baby led weaning stir fry ideas as well as some great stir fry recipes from other bloggers that you and your kid will love!

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