Even though my kids are now past the weaning stage I remember all too well the eternal search for some good finger food ideas for baby led weaning, actually in fact for any baby led weaning ideas – of course the idea behind baby led weaning is that your baby can eat whatever you eat but as someone who tends to eat a cheese and ham sandwich pretty much every day I know I needed some inspiration too to get me out of a rut! Ideas for baby led weaning are always really popular here so I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers to share their tried and tested ideas (I’m going to try out some with my kids too!). Need more inspiration? Stay tuned to the end of the post where I’ve got some baby led weaning meal inspiration too.

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As I’ve been sharing some family recipes for baby led weaning recently I’ve had a few people ask about baby led weaning stir fry ideas and recipes. The great thing about baby led weaning is that you and your baby can eat the same thing so stir fry’s are a great way to make feeding your child into a proper whole family meal time! Today I’m sharing some ideas baby led weaning stir fry ideas as well as some great stir fry recipes from other bloggers that you and your kid will love!

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I love these family recipes for baby led weaning as the great thing about blw is that you can feed your child whatever you’re eating for dinner but the less than great thing is that having a baby doesn’t suddenly fill your head with a million recipe ideas. Spaghetti bolognase again? (We had it again tonight, I feel your pain!) I’ve shared a lot of stuff about baby led weaning here and today I’m sharing some gorgeous looking family recipes for baby led weaning. There’s loads of fabulous recipes here but if you need some more inspiration I’ve also shared some of my favourite family recipe books for baby led weaning and if you check out the links at the bottom of this page you’ll also find loads of ideas for baby led weaning dinners as well as ideas for things your kid can eat if they don’t have any teeth yet! Got a recipe your baby loves that you love too? Tell me about it in the comments as I’d love to share that too.

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I loved doing Baby Led Weaning with my kids. With my first born I tried doing purees too but frankly by the time I reached my second child being weaned I had neither the time to make loads of purees nor the cash to buy lots of ready made ones. Also, my favourite bit about baby led weaning? I got to eat at the same time as my kids and actually use both hands to eat! Don’t knock it, I’m sure most of us mums are fully used to luke warm dinners eaten with one hand by the time our child reaches six months old. At the beginning of this year I shared 40+ things my daughter could eat before she had teeth and more recently I shared 10 baby led weaning dinner ideas that my whole family loved. As they’ve both been so popular I put my head together with one of my friends and together we came up with 10 more baby lead dinner ideas that we loved as much as our kids did!


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