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Unicorn Paper Plate Valentines Craft

So this pretty much combines both mine and my daughters two big obsessions right now – paper plate crafts and unicorns and why not combine them for Valentines Day? It’s all about what you love right?! This unicorn paper plate Valentines craft is super easy to make and looks great – a winner round our house.

easy unicorn valentines paper plate craft

Unicorn Paper Plate Valentines Craft

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Want to see how I made this paper plate Valentines craft? I’ve made a little video below which you can watch but if you’d prefer written instructions then you’ll find them underneath along with a few more suggestions for easy Valentines crafts for kids. Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so you don’t forget about it.


To make this unicorn paper plate craft start by cutting a triangle / horn shape out of glittery cardboard, pink or red card would work well for this too.

Because your unicorns horn will go over the top of the paper plate I’ve used double sided sticky tape rather than glue to stick it down. It’s a bit more fiddly but with things like this I find that it holds the card in place better (and no one wants a unicorn horn falling off after all). Next cut some heart shapes out of pink and red card and paper, these should be fine to stick on using normal glue.

Valentines Day craft for kids unicorn paper plate #kidscrafts

For the smaller hearts I’ve used a heart shaped cutter but you would be fine just cutting these out normally. I’ve used some scrap paper that had a cute pattern on it just to give it a bit of differentiation from the larger heart shapes.

Finally draw on your unicorns eyes, mouth and (my favourite) pink cheeks and you’re paper plate unicorn is done!

More Valentines Crafts for Kids

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easy-mosaic-heart-craft 300

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