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Toilet Roll Christmas Reindeer Decorations

This week I thought we’d try to make our own Christmas tree ornaments with these cute toilet roll reindeer decorations! They were loads of fun to make and are a great frugal Christmas craft too, everything that we used was something I already had, or in the case of the ‘antlers’, something I could easily find in the garden!Toilet Roll Christmas Reindeer Decorations for Kids

To make this reindeer ornament we used:

Toilet Rolls (or kitchen rolls)

Googly Eyes

Red Pom Poms




Red Wool


reindeer christmas decorationHow we made it:

First I cut the toilet rolls in half, then we chose sticks that we liked the look of and broke these to the size we wanted. These were then selotaped inside of the toilet rolls so that they would stick out to make antlers.

Using our glue we then stuck on googly eyes, the big ones definitely look best! My reindeer decoration was made with the smaller eyes and I haven’t even photographed it, out-crafted by a four year old again!!

christmas ornaments that kids can make

We then stuck our pom poms on to make the reindeers noses. Originally I was going to use red buttons or stickers but once I remembered the pom poms it was the only choice! As an aside, pom poms can be a bit of a whatsit to stick so if yours play up just get a bit of superglue out once the kids are in bed if you want to be certain that they’ll withstand any small hands playing with them.

Leave your super cool Christmas reindeer decoration to dry and then make a loop of wool through them so they’re ready to hang on your Christmas tree. Too cute!

reindeer christmas ornament

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