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The Scarecrows Wedding Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Have you read The Scarecrows Wedding? It’s one of my favourite Julia Donaldson books and is perfect if your kids are learning about farms, harvest or just if you like activities for kids books! This paper bag puppet is easy for kids to make to act out the story with – or create a new adventure – and today I’m sharing a little video tutorial as well to help you see how easy these are to make.

The Scarecrows Wedding craft for kids

The Scarecrows Wedding Craft Materials

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Paper bags


Card or paper in black, yellow, red, orange, blue and white

Black and red pens

Glue stick


the scarecrows wedding craft materials

Let’s make it!

To make this sweet Scarecrows Wedding craft start by cutting out some eyes for your scarecrow from white paper and then cut some strips of yellow paper to make the hair – stick these onto the top of your paper bag using your glue stick.

the scarecrows wedding paper bag craft

Next cut out the hat making sure that this fits across the top of your paper bag – for Harry make a black hat and for Betty you’ll want a straw coloured one. Before you stick the hats on to your paper bag puppets cut a couple of extra small strands of ‘hair’ and glue these to the back of the hats to give your scarecrows a bit of a fringe each. The hair is a really nice way for kids to practice their scissor skills as it doesn’t matter if it looks messy at all!

the scarecrows wedding craft preschool

Both hats have decorations in the book so for Harry you need to cut blue and orange stripes from your paper while Betty has a flower, stick these both onto their hats. For Harry you’ll find it easier if you cut your strips extra long and then you can trim them to the shape of your hat afterwards.


Once this is done stick your eyes onto your scarecrows face and then draw round them using a thick black pen – mine is one of these – and draw in their eyes. Next up is their nose and mouth and I’ve used a red pen for the inside of Harry’s mouth too. For Betty I’ve also added some pink cheeks made from pink paper.

Want to check how it’s all done? I’ve videoed the tutorial – just give it a watch here!

If you like this craft make sure that you bookmark this page or save the image at the bottom of this page to Pinterest so that you don’t forget to make it!

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the scarecrows wedding activity for kids easy paper bag puppet activity

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