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Fun Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

Advert. Over Christmas it’s fair to say that we amassed quite a lot of cardboard boxes, we do a lot of our shopping online and they tend to add up! I’m a great believer in using what we have to fuel our creativity in this house and anything that we can rescue from the recycling bin is always worth giving a second use so when Lonely Planet Kids asked if we would like to try out their Cardboard Box Creations book with 20 travel inspired ideas in it we were up for the challenge and if you love cardboard crafts too then keep reading for details about how your kids creations could win them loads of Lonely Planet Kids books!

diy cardboard camera

About Cardboard Box Creations

Cardboard Box Creations shares 20 fun projects for kids to make inspired by travel, so before long you’ll be travelling in a London bus, sleeping out in a tent, visiting the Empire State Building or a Japanese-inspired tea house all made by your kids!  As well as step by step instructions for each project Cardboard Box Creations also comes with a starter kit of cardboard sheets with cut out template guides helping you to become master cardboard crafters.

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Lonely Planet Kids Giveaway

Lonely Planet are challenging kids to share their best cardboard box creations and the winner will receive a bundle of Lonely Planet Kids books of their choice worth £150. Be inspired by the creations we’re sharing today or come up with something totally new, why not take the travel theme and build a canoe, a space rocket or something that reminds you of your favourite holiday? To enter the competition a parent or guardian will need to email the entry to, including all of the following:

  • Entrant’s name
  • Entrant’s age
  • A photograph of the cardboard box creation
  • 25 words explaining what the creation is

Entries must be received by 11.59pm (BST) on 11 January 2018. The competition is open to entrants aged under 16. With all entries, please include confirmation that you are happy for Lonely Planet to share your child’s entry on the Lonely Planet Kids blog and excerpts on the Twitter and Facebook pages. Without this confirmation your entry is not valid. For full terms and conditions please read the Lonely Planet site here.

cardboard carnival mask for kids

Our Cardboard Box Creations

We decided to give three of the projects in the book a try to start with, the camera, the carnival mask and a pizza oven. When love about the projects in Cardboard Box Creations is that they’re all so good for encouraging creative play too, while some crafts are just for displaying on the wall the ones in this book are great for playing with. My five year old daughter loves dressing up and made the carnival mask with some help from the cardboard templates included, it’s perfect for her to use and she loves dancing around wearing it. The camera (with its lens from one of my many Christmas mince pies) looks great and is fun to play with too while our pizza oven is a fun reminder of our trip to Italy and the kids can change the toppings up while they play at restaurants together, it’s a book that I’m looking forward to returning to again and again as it’s a great starting point for their imaginations. What would your kids make from a cardboard box?!

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