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Spring Flower Sensory Soup

Last week we were asked if we would like to review something from House of Fraser’s fab range of outdoor toys. We love sharing sensory play ideas for kids and activities for toddlers so I knew instantly that I wanted to try them out with a water table. They had a great time when it was first opened playing with the boats in the moat and generally getting wet and having a good time! The next day I decided that I wanted to try something a little different out so, with some help from my son I set up this simple Spring flower sensory soup for them to play with.

Spring Flower Sensory Soup

What you need:

A water table

Scissors (to cut the flowers)



Measuring cups, ladle etc

Our Spring Flower Sensory Soup

To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure that my superhero obsessed four year old would go for this. I mean, sure, he loved playing with the water table but flower soup?!

He loved it. I think that any new sensory activity is always a blast for kids and he loved coming round the garden with me looking for flowers to cut and put into our soup. And making soup? Well, that’s kind of different for kids isn’t it! Sensory soups are a great way to encourage kids to play with a water table in a different way and my son loved it, swirling the flowers, making soup for me to ‘taste’, was it too hot? Was the seasoning right? Did it need more flowers?!

spring sensory table

At eighteen months my daughter adored playing with the spring flowers. Yes, she did get pretty wet but she was giggling away and as it was a warm day she was fine with that. Both kids loved using the ladles and measuring cups to try and pick the flowers up and smelling and handing the flowers added to their experience, all in all it kelp them busy and engaged for ages. Having the ware table now also means that as well as being able to do some spring sensory play with it, we’ll now have it to play with all summer too so I’m sure they’ll be a lot more water table play and sensory soups here!

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Disclaimer: We were sent a water table by House of Fraser. All opinions remain my own.


  1. 13th April 2015 / 8:16 am

    I’ve been thinking of one of these tables for the garden too. I’m sure my lot would also like to make flower soup 😀

  2. 14th April 2015 / 11:28 pm

    That is a great idea! My kids only get leaves and weeds to play with! Oops. Flower is a better idea!

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