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Salt Dough Fingerprint Keyrings

Last weekend we decided to make some keepsakes as Fathers Day gifts – we came across one little problem though – my kids decided that they liked these salt dough finger print keyrings a little too much and they wanted to keep them for themselves – oops! If your kids can bare to part with them then these make lovely gift for people and if not? Well hey, you had fun and the kids have made something that only cost a few pence and that has to be a good thing too.

saltdough keepsakes

To make your salt dough fingerprint key rings you will need:

One and a half cups of plain flour

Half a cup of table salt


One tablespoon of vegetable oil

Two-thirds of a cup of water

Star shaped cutter – ours is from the bottom of a measuring spoon but a biscuit cutter or something similar would be fine

Metal keyring

Pen / pencil

making salt dough keepsakes

Let’s make it:

We started by mixing together all the ingredients in a large bowl, I gave the kids a bit of a hand towards the end to make sure all the ingredients were included in the dough. We then divided the mixture in two and the kids rolled out their salt dough until it was about a centimeter thick.

Next up was cutting out the star shapes and using a pencil to make a hole in one end of the star for the keyring to go though. The kids then did a fingerprint in the middle of each star shape, you may need to help a little with this as our first ones were either not deep enough or too close to the edge so we had to make them again.

making salt dough keyrings

Once you are happy with your salt dough keyrings pop them onto some baking paper and a baking sheet and then into the oven at 140c – ours took a long time to cook, about three hours I think? This can be speeded up if you have a microwave – Cerys at Rainy Day Mum shares how to make salt dough in the microwave here and it only takes her 90 seconds!

Once your salt dough keyrings are hardened and cooled you can attach your metal keyring to them, we bought ours on ebay. You could also paint your keyrings if you would like.

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salt dough fingerprint keyrings


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