8 DIY Fidget Spinner Toys

Fidget spinners seem to be going absolutely crazy at the moment. We live in a rural area so normally when I hear about trends I think they won’t hit us quite so badly but this week there’s been fidget spinners starting to appear in my son’s classroom and I’ve heard several mums in the playground talking about them too! Whether you like a bit of an engineering challenge, don’t fancy buying a fidget spinner yourself or just fancy a craft that your kids will really get into (you know you’ll be the cool parent with this one!) DIY fidget spinner toys are a great idea. I’ve hunted out some great tutorials, both from blogs and youtube (because sometimes I know it helps to see what you’re doing!) so I’m sure they’ll be a fidget toy tutorial in this list that you’ll love. Some of these DIY fidget spinner tutorials are obviously way too hard for young kids (umm, check out the iphone one) but they do look amazing while others like the one by Red Ted Art are far more achievable.

diy fidget spinner toys tutorials

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DIY Fidget Spinner Toys

How to build a lego fidget spinner toy from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls or there’s an alternative way to build a lego figdet spinner here on Daisies and Pie

How to make a fidget spinner from Red Ted Art

How to make a fidget spinner with zip ties from SupItsIgor

How to make a fidget spinner out of an iphone by Dylan Kowalski – I’m totally not letting my kids near my phone after watching this one but man it looks cool!

Make a fidget spinner from popsicles DIY from Brains techKnowlogy

How to make a fidget spinner out of index cards from Paper Archer

Make a spinner from a skateboard by Incredible Science

How to make a fidget spinner by Tomohawk

Want more ideas? Check out these 15 DIY Fidget Toy Tutorials!

Boy with fidget spinner picture and group of fidget spinner toys via Shutterstock

DIY fidget spinner tutorials


  1. 10th May 2017 / 10:04 am

    What a good idea to make your own, I love Red Ted Art’s ones they look so simple yet effective.

  2. Kim
    10th June 2017 / 11:25 am

    I used patterns from red ted art, but cut them out of old cd’s , then drilled a hole in the center for the toothpick.

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