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Newspaper heart craft for kids

After we made our newspaper Chinese Lantern last week my daughter was still super keen to keep going so we got busy with this sweet newspaper heart craft. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy and creative without having to spend out on new craft materials and uses a fun painting technique my daughter loved.

newspaper heart craft for kids

Newspaper heart craft for kids: materials







newspaper heart craft preschool

Let’s make it:

Start by cutting out your hearts, for very young kids you might want to do this yourself but for older kids it’s a great way to practice scissor skills.

Next get your paper wet, this was a new technique for my daughter and she loved trying it out. I was inspired by Nell from Rhythms of Play’s post about two colour wet on wet painting which comes from the Waldorf tradition and while I had no chance of getting my daughter to limit herself to two primary colours (she’d already decided that she had to use ALL the reds and pinks) we used yellow as well and she loved seeing how the red and yellow colours mixed together, making this craft a great way to teach about colour mixing too – I love it when a simple activity has so much going on behind it! We used less water than Nell but still enough for our colours to mix a bit.

heart craft preschool

Once your newspaper is dry it would be a great way to decorate Valentines cards or to make a garland to brighten up a room.

Like this idea? Make sure you pin this post so you don’t forget about it or bookmark this page for later. Want more simple Valentines activities for kids? We love this activity for decorating hearts with tin foil.

foil heart craft 300

Or how about this activity for decorating old CDs?

valentines cd craft 300

Finally we have this round up of over 40 Valentines Day activities for toddlers – perfect for finding tons of inspiration

valentines activities for toddlers 300

easy valentines day craft for kids preschool toddlers newspaper hearts

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