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Easy New Years Eve Paper Plate Craft

I’m a huge fan of simple crafts for kids so for me this New Years Eve paper plate craft ticks all sorts of boxes – it’s made from a paper plate, which this time of year is the kind of thing I often have knocking around anyway, it’s got a slight educational slant promoting scissor skills and fine motor skills and most importantly it’s sparkly and looks pretty – surely a must for New Years Eve! These would make great decorations for an event too or spinning and playing with them should keep the kids busy for a bit.

New Years Eve Craft Paper Plate Twirler

New Years Eve Paper Plate Craft

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Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or  pin an image so you don’t forget to make it! Plus keep reading for more inspiration for New Years Eve crafts and Activities.


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To make this craft you will need:

Paper plate

Black paint

Star stickers

Number stickers



Let’s make it:

Start by painting your paper plate black, if you have very young kids I know that waiting for paint to dry is often not their favourite thing to do (and I’ve also been the mum who has just had her new bathroom fitted and then given her toddler black paint. That was an interesting day…) So if you do want to prep this in advance go for it! You could leave the paper plate blank as well or give your kids felt tips to colour it in, go with what works for you.

Once your plate is dry cut it into a spiral shape, like a snails shell. Make sure that you leave some room in the middle. In the centre punch a whole through the centre of your paper plate, the safest way to do this is using a whole punch or pushing a pen or scissors through it into a lump of playdough. Once you have your hole tie a know in the end of some string and then thread it through, I’ve used bakers twine just because it’s much prettier!

Easy New Years Eve Craft Paper Plate Twirler

Next up is adding your date to it, I’ve used some stickers that we bought in Poundworld a little while ago but these ones online would work well too or you could use pens to write the numbers – chalk pens would probably be best as they normally write over paint better than normal pens.

Finally add your star stickers for a bit of added New Years Eve sparkle!

New Years Eve Craft Paper Plate Twirler kids can make

If you like this New Years eve craft make sure you bookmark this page or pin the image at the bottom so that you don’t forget to make it.

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